Polish Kids` Skills Institute

The program "I can do it!" and “I am Proud of You”

The SFBT Center in Lodz is one of the several over the world national institutes for Kids’ Skills Programs („Dam Radę!” or “I can do it!”) and “I am Proud of You” („Jestem z Ciebie Dumny!”) and the only representative in Poland of Dr. Ben Furman’s Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute.

The program “I can do it!” was created in Finland by Dr. Ben Furman and his colleagues at the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute. It is the result of many years of experience in working with parents and children, as well as of training and supervision practices for teachers, pedagogues, and caregivers in Finland.

The program “I Can Do It!” quickly proved to be an extremely effective helping tool that could be applied after only a short training period – both by trained professionals and others (caregivers, parents, etc.).

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